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Torq-O's Rootes Group DVD is now available!

For all of you Hillman and Sunbeam fans, Torq-O is now selling our Rootes 3 DVD in the Torq-O Store. What’s on it, you plead. Great question.

Last year, I bought three Rootes Group promotional films off of eBay. A group of Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club members pooled some money together to have the films digitized and burned onto a DVD.

Now I want to help my graphic artist, who designed this excellent package. Feed your British orphan car jones, AND help out my friend, the extremely talented Ed Ford.

For more information and previews of all three films, go to the Rootes 3 page in the Torq-O store, and check it out for yourself.


Rootes 3 DVD now available for a limited time!

Greetings, Rootes Group fans!

Earlier this year, I bought three very rare Rootes Group promotional films from Scott Christie, the President of the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America.

Some members of the club were very concerned that the films would disappear from the club's influence forever. I challenged the club to assemble a group of investors who would pool their money together to help pay for the film transfer costs + postage. If they could get the money together, I would get the films transferred and produce a limited quantity of DVDs. Thanks to SAOCA member Mike Phillips, the investors made it happen.

Fast forward three months. I have some extra DVDs, and a graphic artist who never got his rewards for designing such excellent packaging. I'm trying to correct my mistake by offering this DVD on eBay for a limited time. The price is $34.95 + postage.

If you want to check out clips of these films, here's a clip from The New Sunbeam Alpine, a film about the moment when the British got fins:

If you love gray, Hillman has it in shades. Check out this clip featuring the newly-redesigned Hillman Minx for '59:

Finally, there's a 22-minute film about the Sunbeam Rapier in European rally competition:

The Torq-O Media Archive is full of stupidly scarce car films. Do yourself a favor. Buy one of these DVDs before they vanish back into the vaults. Send me an email soon!

British films DVD update #3

Hey, Sunbeam and Hillman investors!

A quick note: all of the DVDs that you paid for have either been handed over to the U.S. Post Office or have been delivered personally. (Jan Servaites is one lucky dude.)

I hope you enjoy the films! They’re fun, quirky, and extremely British.

For those of you who want one but did not get involved in the original investment, I’ve made a few extra copies for sale. They are US $36.90 for U.S. fans and US $39.90 for international fans. Just email me, and let me know, because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

British films DVD update #2

Hey, Rootes Group film investors!

I have great news! Your DVDs are done! I’m assembling them now, and I’ll be shipping them shortly. Keep an eye on your mailboxes. You’ll be getting them soon! (And when you do, please tell me what you think. I’d really appreciate your feedback.)

Remember: this DVD will feature the following Rootes Group promotional films:
1) Alpine Challenge (about Sunbeam Rapiers in European rally competions in 1959)
2) The New Hillman Minx (1959)
3) The New Sunbeam Alpine (1959)

Stay tuned!

DVD cover
Rootes DVD label