Hudson, DeSoto, & Muntz in Collectible Automobile

Collectible Automobile (STILL no web site) hit home runs with each of its three Photo Features in its August 2009 issue.

First up is a 1952 Muntz Jet. It looks like a long, sleek, beautiful vitamin tablet with headlights. Very streamlined. Very slab sided like a lot of postwar cars. Very low volume. I’d love to drift my way through the weekly cruise in with this car. I can practically see the question marks over gawkers’ heads.

Next is the 1947 DeSoto Custom Club Coupe. It has one of those painted-on, fake wooden dashboards that were so popular in midsize cars like Nash. Thank God they stopped building tanks for war and reverted to building tanks for the boulevard.

I’m sure it’s no accident that the first picture in this Feature is a closeup of the hood ornament. Naked woman. Hair flowing. Arms extended like wings. And protruding boobs pointing the way forward. It’s the kind of design statement that says, “Wherever you’re going, I’m following.”

The last spread in this issue is a pretty 1941 Hudson pickup. I’ve always liked these trucks along with the ’46-’47 Hudson pickups. Very handsome. The truck bed looks long enough to haul my Metropolitan.

Check out Volume 26, #2 for yourself.