Marha Wright

Found: Martha Wright, Your Packard Girl

I just got off the phone with Martha Wright, an actress who had her own TV show sponsored by Packard over the Summer of 1954.

Recently, I purchased a recording off of eBay featurng Martha and Packard Sales Manager C.E. Briggs. I also have a vinyl record of 1954 radio commercials featuring Martha.

I started wondering if Martha Wright was still alive, and I started investigating. Thanks to a gentleman named Harlan Conti, I found her!

Martha remembers her Packard experience as Your Packard Girl on radio and TV. She got the job right after she closed the Rogers & Hammerstein musical South Pacific on Broadway after taking over for Mary Martin. (She was handpicked by R & H personally to succeed Martin.)

Martha remembers the Packard Caribbean that the company gave her, and she'll tell you all about it in the podcast I'm going to record on December 5th. (She even said she'd dig around through some photo albums to find some Packard publicity photos that she has from that time.)

Stay tuned!