Kaiser/IKA in Gearhead

I am really loving Chas’ Compendium of Automotive Oddities in Gearhead Magazine #18.

After an entire issue crammed full of kar kulture attitude and cheesecake, Editor Mike LaVella sneaks a straight auto history article into the back of the magazine. It’s devoted to the Kaiser cars built by IKA in Argentina.

Writer Chas Glynn gets down to business starting with how the Kaiser Manhattan went south of the border and became the Carabela.

Fun Fact: IKA replaced the Carlton Spencer-inspired bamboo vinyl interiors with authentic leather upholstery from local Argentinian craftsmen.

Then he talks about the ultimate auto mutt: the IKA Torino. It was an AMC Rambler American and Rambler Classic hybrid with a front and rear styled by Pinin Farina and built by Renault after Renault acquired IKA. (Who’s your daddy?)

If you’re not into rods & customs & car chicks, read this magazine Japanese-style: start at the back.