A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck

I judge books by their covers. (I'm shallow that way.)

And if the cover of Richard Peck's book A Season of Gifts is any indication, I'm going to like it. It's the first kids' book I've ever seen with a green 1950 Nash Airflyte on the cover. (Statesman or Ambassador? They're both long enough to strap a Christmas tree to.)

I'm not going to reveal the plot, but one section of the book is like a walk through an orphan car parking lot.
Richard Peck book cover

Exhibit A: The Pickle. The description: "The steering on a 1950 Nash is loose as a goose, and the hood's as big as an aircraft carrier." (Couldn't be more true if it was a police report.)

Exhibit B: on page 135, Miss Flora Shellabarger owns a 1942 Packard Clipper. (Miss Shellabarger has good taste and good sense. She's not strapping any Christmas trees to the top of her car.)

Exhibit C: Roscoe Burdick's DeSoto on page 98.

Exhibit D: the homecoming queen's float is built on a 1932 Hupmobile sedan.

I didn't see any illustrations other than the cover Nash, but I love the fact that Peck has excellent taste when it comes to orphans.

The book is available online and in bookstores now.