1977 -78 AMC AMX in Collectible Automobile

In the Cheap Wheels section of the October 2009 issue of Collectible Automobile (still no web site), there’s a great article about the 1977-78 AMC AMX first built on the Hornet/Concord chassis.

These are rare, rare, rare cars. The 1977’s look like Hornets that kinda suffered through beauty school makeovers. I think the 1978’s are trimmed out a little better. And there’s no mistaking the popularity of flaming hood decals on the ’78. Pontiac had the flaming chicken, and AMC had the flaming Hornet.

Anybody who has visited this blog in the past year knows that Torq-O has a lot of vintage AMC movies. I’m pretty sure that we have the most hours of AMC audio-visual material in the U.S. if not the world. Certainly more than Chrysler.

One of the films that we just had digitized is the 1977 AMC Dealer Announcement Show. It features singin’, dancin’, and product introducin’. And, you probably already guessed it, the 1977 AMX is prominently featured.

Check out this splashy introduction featuring an actor playing a very Fonz-like greaser (with very 70’s-like hair). It’s the perfect complement to the Collectible Automobile article. (Keep in mind that this is a filmed stage show.)