Rootes 3 DVD now available for a limited time!

Greetings, Rootes Group fans!

Earlier this year, I bought three very rare Rootes Group promotional films from Scott Christie, the President of the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America.

Some members of the club were very concerned that the films would disappear from the club's influence forever. I challenged the club to assemble a group of investors who would pool their money together to help pay for the film transfer costs + postage. If they could get the money together, I would get the films transferred and produce a limited quantity of DVDs. Thanks to SAOCA member Mike Phillips, the investors made it happen.

Fast forward three months. I have some extra DVDs, and a graphic artist who never got his rewards for designing such excellent packaging. I'm trying to correct my mistake by offering this DVD on eBay for a limited time. The price is $34.95 + postage.

If you want to check out clips of these films, here's a clip from The New Sunbeam Alpine, a film about the moment when the British got fins:

If you love gray, Hillman has it in shades. Check out this clip featuring the newly-redesigned Hillman Minx for '59:

Finally, there's a 22-minute film about the Sunbeam Rapier in European rally competition:

The Torq-O Media Archive is full of stupidly scarce car films. Do yourself a favor. Buy one of these DVDs before they vanish back into the vaults. Send me an email soon!