AMC Pacer is a "dirt cheap collectible car".

CNN has a slideshow of its top ten “dirt cheap collectible cars”. AMC’s Pacer scored a silver medal.

What, no Gremlin, Matador, Rambler, Studebaker Lark, Oldsmobile almost anything, or any of the other scores, bushels, and pecks of granny cars from Plymouth, Pontiac, and Saturn?

Torq-O's Rootes Group DVD is now available!

For all of you Hillman and Sunbeam fans, Torq-O is now selling our Rootes 3 DVD in the Torq-O Store. What’s on it, you plead. Great question.

Last year, I bought three Rootes Group promotional films off of eBay. A group of Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club members pooled some money together to have the films digitized and burned onto a DVD.

Now I want to help my graphic artist, who designed this excellent package. Feed your British orphan car jones, AND help out my friend, the extremely talented Ed Ford.

For more information and previews of all three films, go to the Rootes 3 page in the Torq-O store, and check it out for yourself.