AMC Pacers in Collectible Automobile

Here’s great news for Pacer fans, especially those of you who invested in our limited edition Gremlin/Pacer DVD last year.

Collectible Automobile Magazine (still no web site) has published a Patrick Foster article on the first “wide small car” in its April 2009 edition.

I applaud Foster and CA for starting to incorporate some quotes into their stories. I often rant about auto history stories that read like book reports. However, I have to give Foster & Co. some credit for actually incorporating quotes from Gerald Meyers, Roy Chapin, and Bill Luneberg. (I realize it’s easier for Foster to use quotes from actual interviews, because many AMC execs are still alive and accessible. Eg., take a listen to our Bill McNealy and Gerald Meyers podcasts.)

To add to the Pacer love, we’d like to offer a very special video. It’s a late-1974 news story from Chicago’s WMAQ-TV. It’s eerie how timely this story is. (We could not include this video in our Gremlin/Pacer DVD, because we stuffed the DVD with other important and previously unseen films.) Enjoy!

By the way, we have a few extra copies of our Gremlin/Pacer DVD. Only four or five. If you’re interested, please email. We’ll provide information.