Jeff Teague draws on father's work to update classic AMCs

Jeff Teague, the son of Dick Teague, AMC's Vice-President of Design, has published some 3D renderings of an updated AMX and Gremlin on the Hemmings Auto Blog.

I like the AMX version, and I really like the top of Jeff's Gremlin, but together, they don't make my EKG start beeping fast. They need a little more zazz.

Autoblog said about the Gremlin "we like that it's not blatantly retro." I'd have to disagree. I think virtually all of the blatantly retro designs from the past 10 years have been very appealing. Maybe retro design is waning, but I've never found ugliness in the clever updating of classic designs that have proven timeless and successful. A few more classic Gremlin and AMX design cues would not have hurt those renderings at all.

1974amcmatadorcp011507So Jeff, here's my $10 Torq-O Challenge: please update the Matador Coupe! Since AMC used the letter X to denote a lot of trim variations in their cars, I'm putting up a Hamilton to see what you can do to help out the aesthetically challenged Matador Coupe. Send the renderings and your PayPal ID, and I'll be happy to share your work with the rest of the world.

Now's you're chance to add to the Teague legacy. Rescue the one Dick Teague design that needs it the most! Give us AMC fans a Christmas present, and I'll send you 10 of the U.S. Treasury's finest George Washingtons.