A Fast Blast from the Past!
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When American Motors unleashed the Javelin and AMX on the motoring world in 1968, the company's image immediately morphed from red, white & bruised to red, white & zoom!

Now Torq-O brings AMC's high-performance glory days back to life with two fantastic films.

First up is the flick that stole the 1968 Chicago Auto Show: Texas Takeover.

Watch land speed record owner Craig Breedlove and his team shatter 106 speed and endurance records with a pair of AMX's on a Texas track in February 1968.

Craig Breedlove Breedlove AMX #1
Craig Breedlove Breedlove AMX #1

(Torq-O meticulously restored this damaged film print by color-correcting each and every scene. You'll see a film that looks as vibrant and true as the flick that wowed the Auto Show crowd in '68.)

Next: the impossibly scarce 1969 product introduction film The New World of American Motors. (We have the only-known print!)

This 38-minute movie breathlessly captures AMC chasing the youth market.

As the cameras catch the Javelin racing team in action at Sebring, you'll hear AMC swinging to the beat. A turned-on beat. The Javelin Beat, a pop song about the Javelin specially recorded for this film!

The Javelin at Sebring
The Javelin at Sebring

Then you'll see the rest of AMC's '69 lineup in all its glory. AMX's roar past thoroughbred horses on the racetrack.

AMX wins the horsepower race.

Ramblers (in their last year of production) roam the highways, byways, and landing strips of America.

Rambler Rogue Rogue versus Glider
Rambler Rogue Rogue vs. Glider

Rebels become the workhorses and chuckwagons of the West.

'69 Rebel SST hardtop Rogue vs. Glider
'69 Rebel SST hardtop Every Direction is Forward for Rebel.

And Ambassadors effortlessly glide across the California coastline and majestic roads of the Old South.

White Ambassador Ambassador DPL wagon
Ambassador DPL land yacht The wood-paneled station wagon rides again!

If you love American Motors, this is a good film. If you love American kitsch, this is a great film! It's a crazy/noisy/campy slice-of-life car commercial circa 1969.

BONUS: If that's not enough high octane footage for you, we've thrown in a rare 1969 AMX model kit commercial.

Vintage 1969 AMX model kit commercial
1969 MPC AMX model kit commercial

Plus, you'll find out how we restored all of this footage with a short featurette produced exclusively for this DVD.

Torq-O's restoration efforts
Torq-O gets the red out!

Add some vintage Detroit iron to your diet with The Late Sixties World of American Motors DVD! Buy it for yourself or for that AMC friend or family member. (Or gather your car club together, and have a special screening!)

Running Time: Approximately 51 minutes


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