Love at first type.

Here's a must-have for all Nash, early AMC, and Metropolitan fans. It's a computer typeface called Airflyte™.

Airflyte font CD cover
Airflyte font CD cover
Inside CD cover

Several years ago, we wanted to create text in the post-World-War-II style that Nash used in its print advertising. We couldn't find anything good enough, so we decided to create our own font.

Now we're sharing it with you.

Our Airflyte™ font is the result of many months of hard work crafting a digital typeface that looks authentic, because we used all of the available letters and numbers that we could find in vintage Nash advertising. (What we couldn't find, we produced ourselves.)

The Airflyte™ font lets you make t-shirts, caps, business cards, letterhead, signs, flyers, and anything else you want to create with that genuine postwar Nash look.

All you need is Windows or a Macintosh, and some imagination. In no time you can type out classic Nash product names like...

'49 Nash 600
Don's Nash Ambassador
Russ and Diana's Metropolitan
1952 Golden Airflyte
Weather Eye heating
Mike's 54 Ramber

...And anything else you can think of. Just spell it out. Then print it out.

Torq-O's Airflyte font:
over 100 love letters for your Nash or AMC all on one three-inch mini-CD.


U.S.customers (outside Ohio) - US $14.95 + $5.25 postage

Ohio customers- US $14.95 + 1.12 Ohio sales tax + $5.25 postage.
Total=US $20.20

International customers- US$14.95 + $5 postage.
Total=US $19.95


You can buy Torq-O's Airflyte™ font in one of two ways:

1. Check or Money Order
Your payment must be in U.S. dollars. Please specify whether you want the Windows or Mac version, and make your payment payable to:
Curious Cumulus Productions
302 Peach Orchard Ave.
Dayton, OH 45419

2. PayPal
If you have a PayPal account, simply click on one of the buttons below to order the correct version of Airflyte:

Windows version
Macintosh version