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You don't need the brains of the school AV geek to get your orphan car fix. Just click on the headlines below to see or hear Torq-O podcasts that cover the orphan car world from Auburn to Willys.

If you want to get them onto your iPod more directly, you'll also find these podcasts available through iTunes.

Nash, Hudson, and AMC fans will love this podcast (our last one!) with Dr. Charles K. Hyde, the author of Storied Independent Automakers: Nash, Hudson and American Motors.

Hyde is the only guy I know of who has actually done a swan dive into the surviving corporate records of Nash, Hudson, and AMC. Listen in as he provides an objective historical perspective on three of our favorite orphan car companies.

Plus, Torq-O delivers three impossible-to-find radio commercials.

Download the podcast here.

Meet the man who told the world that Studebaker was leaving the car business.

Torq-O talks with Stu Chapman, the last surviving member of Studebaker senior management, about his new book My Father, the Car.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Studebaker’s last three years in the car business straight from the Director of Advertising’s mouth.

You’ll find out how Stu and his fellow workers struggled to save the company while the Board of Directors strangled it slowly. It’s a heartbreaking story that even features everyone’s favorite villain: Richard Nixon!

Download the enhanced podcast here, or get the straight audio version. (Make sure you have Quicktime for the enhanced version of the podcast.)

Margery Krevsky knows all about auto show models.

She has a new book called Sirens of Chrome that tells the story of the women who tell us all about the newest cars at the auto shows.

In this podcast Margery explains how women evolved from auto show decorations to professional product specialists.

She also takes us behind the scenes and explains how auto show models go from audition to turntable action.

(Want more? Torq-O also dug through the trunk and came up with a rare track from the 1959 Oldsmobile dealer introduction show called Good News About Olds. Listen for TV's original blended family mom and singing product specialist Florence Henderson.)

Click here for the Enhanced Version of the podcast. It features photos from the book. (You'll need Quicktime for Windows or Mac.)

If you want to know what goes on in a car company, you go straight to the top.

Torq-O's newest podcast features a rare and exclusive interview with Gerald Meyers, the CEO of American Motors from 1977 to 1982.

Meyers talks about his early days at the company and some of its unforgettable cars. Don't miss Meyers' take on the Marlin, the Javelin, the AMX, and a little project called the AMX/3.

Meyers also shares his memories about some of the men behind the machines: George Romney, Roy Abernethy, and Dick Teague.

(Also, listen in for the impossibly rare 1965 radio commercial from Rambler Canada.)

Torq-O often talks with authors and executives about your favorite orphan cars.

This time, we spoke with owners.

Join us for conversations with the people who own the titles at the Bob Poole Orphan Car Show at Carillon Park in Dayton, Ohio, on September 27, 2008.

You'll meet the drivers of some great cars: a 1968 AMC Javelin, a 1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire, a 1959 AMC Ambassador, a 1973 Plymouth Gold Duster, a 1954 Hudson Jet, a 1935 Hupmobile, and a 1965 AMC Marlin.

Click here for the Enhanced Version of the podcast. (You'll need Quicktime for Windows or Mac.)

Here's a Torq-O exclusive: an interview with AMC Vice-President Bill McNealy.

Bill was the driving force behind AMC's chase of the youth market in the Late 1960's.

In this first podcast with Bill, find out how he used the Javelin to transform AMC from granny car maker to Trans-Am race car builder.

Torq-O talks tubes with Jim Cross, the owner of Vacuum Tubes, Inc. Jim will tell you about the most common problem with tube radios and how much it costs to keep your car radio humming. Tune in!

Click here for the Enhanced Version of the podcast. (You'll need Quicktime for Windows or Mac.)

If you want to see what Tom Dulaney's AMX/3 push car looks like and what he's made of it, check out our enhanced podcast here.
It's the "AMC-Feel-Good Story of the Year"! Torq-O talks with AMC fan Tom Dulaney, the new owner of the nearly-forgotten push car prototype of AMC's aborted supercar project, the AMX/3. You'll hear the first complete version of Tom's find of a lifetime: how he got it, why it disappeared for more than three decades, and what he plans to do with it.

Torq-O learns a thing or two about The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation from Jack Mueller, author of the recent book Built to Better the Best.

Click here for the Enhanced Version of this podcast. It includes pictures. (You'll need Quicktime for Windows or Mac.)

Torq-O interviews the former Director of Exterior Styling for AMC, Bob Nixon. Nixon discusses how the Gremlin got the green light and shares his regret that the AMX/3 never got produced.
Torq-O talks with former AMC clay modeler Frank Pascoe. Frank discusses the role of the clay modeler and some of his favorite projects while at AMC.
Torq-O interviews former AMC designer Vince Geraci. Vince talks about the Marlin and the Metropolitan. Plus, listen close for a vintage AMC radio commercial! (To learn more about the Metropolitan, check out our exclusive DVD The Met Set in The Torq-O Store.)